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New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner at restaurant Senso

New Year´s Gala Dinner at restaurant Senso 31.12.2017 from 8 pm till 12 pm.

The last evening of the year awaits you with a rich buffet of different cuisines from around the world
Guitarist Madis Arvisto will play enjoyable music from different eras and countries
A separate party room for the children will have its own special programme including Santa Claus


• Oysters with red onion vinaigrette and sparkling wine sabayon
• Marinated green mussels à la Provence
• Red caviar – served with blinis and sour cream
• Lightly salted salmon with lemon and crème fraiche
• Cocktail salad with salmon tartare, marinated prawns, asparagus and egg
• Marinated tiger prawns with spicy tomato salsa
• Glamorous antipasti – a selection of the best Mediterranean delicacies
• Lightly smoked turkey fillet salad with oven-baked tomatoes, delicious Greek cheese and balsamic vinaigrette
• Buffalo mozzarella salad with grilled vegetables and avocado
• Green salad with potatoes Parisienne, roast tuna and Dijon sauce
• Low temperature roast duck fillet “Rose” with plum sauce
• Low temperature roast boneless leg of lamb with black garlic and rosemary

• Roast salmon fillet with cherry tomatoes and crayfish-tarragon sauce
• Slow roasted veal entrecote with colourful carrots sautéed in butter
• Seafood fried in chorizo butter – tiger prawns, halibut and scallops
• Grilled chicken skewers with garlic and champignon sauce
• Potato gratin with Comté cheese
• Fried potatoes Parisienne with bacon and shallots
• Spicy vegetable spring rolls with oyster sauce
• Boiled jasmine rice with roasted sesame seeds
• Vegetables seasoned with herb butter

• Beef tenderloin
• Herb marinated pork
• Hollandaise and pepper sauce

• Rich selection of French cheeses with extras
• Fresh cut fruit
• Cheesecake with caramelized pistachio nuts
• Mango mousse with pomegranate syrup
• Mini raspberry cream baskets with white chocolate shavings
• Chocolate terrine with candied orange
• New Year’s cake
Coffee • Tea
A welcome drink and
glass of Freixenet sparkling wine to celebrate the New Year

Adult 79 € /per person
Children 6–12 years 39 €
Children up to 5 years – free of charge

Additional information and booking:
+372 631 5650